Hey everyone I am having an OC contest!



Hi! I am having a contest! Anyone who wants to join can sign up here! :grinning: anyway! It is an OC contest. (By the way does anyone know what OC stands for??) this is how we will do it. 1. Sign up here 2. Draw your OC on the art pad I use on my account (it is the smiley pad by smileyalyssa) 3. I will tell you who got to the finals 4. Hopscotchers will vote their favorite. If you have a question just go ahead and ask. :blush::slightly_smiling::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you want to you can use my make your own OC game for your challenge. I'm still Dude73 on HS. :slightly_smiling:


OC is an acronym for "Original Character". So it's basically an original and a creative drawing of, well, in this case, a character. :wink:


Thank you so so so @Dude73!! Have a great week!


lol, you don't know what an OC is and you are doing a contest :stuck_out_tongue: