Hey dudes it’s Cosmic


I am Cosmic Sheep, Cosmic Bean, AlpacaDoodle, bubbleosaurus, am day CosmicFloof. Since I’m residing here form the time being, I just want to know if anyone I know from Hopscotch has forum. :slight_smile:


Do you know me?
Just curious?


Hi! I know you and I follow you but I don’t think you really know me


Hi, yeah, I remember you :slight_smile:


Yeah, hi! :)))))))))))


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that account.


I dont think you know me so hi :wink:


U probably don’t know me but I’m havke or JustAnotherFudger. :00


I haven’t seen you around on Hopscotch. Have you seen me before? My name on the Hopscotch App is William04GamerA, the same as it is on The Hopscotch Forum.


Do you know me?

Like have you seen me?


I’ve seen you :000 i love your art


ive probably seen u
rule one of the HSF: dont talk about Hopscotch or the HSF


Ahhhhhhhhhh thank you I love urs too


Thanks and okayyy sure


I am pretty sure I have seen you around, but just here and there…


Wit your havke I didn’t know that I like,e ur art


ahhh thanks dude <33


OMGGGGGG thank you so much
My art on hopscotch is so crap tho


Pfff no it’s not it’s really good


Wait I never knew today was my anniversary
And thankos dude but on hopscotch your like a celebrity or something because of your art skills