Hewo! Im new to the forum!



Hi! I am NyanCat1! On hopscotch, I am NyanCat :cat:
Bye! Be on tomorrow!


Welcome to the forum! :D

I'll be sure to check out your Hopscotch profile! :D

Just type @Mathgirl if you have any questions, and I'll do my best to answer them! :D


Welcome to the forums. This is a place where you can ask questions and answer questions about hopscotch and the forums!
A helpful topic is this one-

And here you can learn some cool forum tricks!-

You can make aqua text!


Drop downs-


This is a drop down!

And blurry text!-

Put an a@ next to my name if you need help!


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If you ever need help, type "@KVJ" and I'll try my best!
I'm KVJ on the forum and Komplettverrücktjunge on HS!
Have a great time!


Welcome to the forum! :D

:D :D :D

Everyone's covered everything else so...

I'll just put some :Ds. XD
:D :D :D


Hai @NyanCat1, welcome to the forum! :D
If you ever need anything, just type @Candycane and I will reply. You will really like it here on the forum, and here are my top 3 tips for you!
•Stay on topic - the forum is for talk about hopscotch, so a suitable reply should be related to the topic!
•Be nice - no one likes a mean hop! Try your best to be nice to everyone and don't my day mean things!
•Stay away from flame wars - if you see a flame war starting, then summon the leaders (anonymous, poptart, kiwicute2016, BuildASnowman etc) and don't get involved.
That's all for now!


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Welcome to the forum! My name is tankt2016! Everyone else covered everything, but type "@tankt2016" if you need help!

Want to do a NyanCat Collab with anyone?!


Oh! You joined! Say hi to my little sister guys!
She's @NyanCat1!


Lol I use XDs in almost every post… oh well


Welcome to the Forum @NyanCat1!
You have joined a great community! : D


Welcome, @NyanCat1! :D


She's my little sister! XD


Cool! :D

That is awesome. :D


Hey, whats up?
I just got out of school


Nice profile pic
@NyanCat1 sis answer meh!!


Hello? You there @NyanCat1? PLZ ANSWER IM LOCKED OUT!!!


:fearful: OH NO!!!! Are you okay?


Yes.. Mom is probably freaking out XD
(I can hear the phone)