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Hey! This is where I'll chat.Ill be answering questions and stuff.You can ask me anything.Not personal stuffs of course.
That's all for now!


Hai! :DD


20 character




How's laif? :D


Hey @tank2016


Hi! How do we start a poll in the forum?



Click then click "Build poll" then customize.

If that's what you meant ^—^'


Which one??


@tankt2016 questions can be posted here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey! I'll just say that I won't be in the forum that much, I've been to addicted to it.So Bye bye forum.Ill be here once a week every Friday.`


This will be my last message.
Shoutout to:
And many others that I can't remember.
Good bye! See ya next Friday.


Wait...before I leave,can I ask @tankt2016 a question?


Can anyone help me? There's some drafts at the bottom of my drafts.It cannot be open.Why did that happen??


@Rawrbear,are you still playing hopscotch? -HD


Sorry for the late reply, I was sleeping and it was 2 am.


Oh.It's still noon here.Sorru for late reply.My phone is charging.Heres the question:
What is the boy and girl in your acc?


Thank you for the shoutout! @Hero_Dino


Thanks for the shoutout! See you next Friday!


Thanks! :smiley: :smile: