Hero Dino's game show!


The last one didn't turn out so well as here's a new one...

Introducing...Hero Dino's trivia show..!

Take 2!
Usual stuffs.. I ask some questsipns and you'll answer! If you're the first one to answer and you got it correct, you'll earn a point!
Answer the questions that's bold
you can claim the points anytime to get:
1 Points mean 1 like on the forum!
2 Points mean 1 likes on Hopscotch!
30 Points mean spam likes on the forum!
60 Points mean spam likes on HS!
70 Points mean Website!
100 Points mean cartoon character drawings on paper!
150 Points mean a follow on HS!
200 Points mean a pixel art request!
270 pints mean a trail art request!


1.What was my first project?
2. How old am I?
3.What is my favorite food?
4.Name 5 pixel art I created


@DMF =2
@WasIdealessHere =1




Kewl :stuck_out_tongue:


I added the first question!


The project that you published before any others.




le,smart answer


Soccer game! @Hero_Dino


Correct! how did you know?


Does that gice me a point? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: jk


Scrolled XD


How can you scroll so fast...? you're kid flash...XD
um..no. XD
Newest question is released!


@Hero_Dino 11 years!


Can I guess? If so I am guessing that you are 11.


anyone can join! and nope I'm not 11 year old...


Not as old as me.

I leik to trollol


If so, 10 or 12!





shakes head
Btw, how old are you @KVJ ?


I bet 9. I don't know why