Hero Dino's collab (sorta) If you are not @KVJ (the Cosine master)@KaramicSans2 and @Wateryninja and @Hero_Dino don't don't look



Hi! I'll be making a collab (sorta)! We won't be actually making the games together,but you'll have to help me with some stuffs! I'll be accepting only about 5 people! Hope you can join! I'll tell you more info once I got the 5 people!
1.Be kind!
2.Don't be upset if you are 'fired' or not chosen
3. Be an active user,always be there when we need you!
4. Have fun!
5. Follow all the rules!


HS user:
HF user (yes,it's necessary):
Do you know a lot of HS facts?:
Will you follow the rules:
Answer the following question(s)
-How to be an awesome HSer?
-How to record something in Hopscotch?
Clues for questions above!
For question number -, you can find it at HS itself! I want the exact words! I think Finky 63 made a project like this. Idek which Funky.( there's too much Funky user in HS)


If you receive 3 warnings for breaking the rules, you're fired. If I need you help and you haven't come to this topic in 48h(2 day), you'll revive a warning!

Benefits is you join

-I'll follow you
-spam like
-follow on all accounts
-a pixel art request (I'll try. If I'm too busy, I may not do it,I still have loads of request to do,pls be patient. Might take about months)

I guess that's all!


There are some missing forum users, I want to join but I don't see myself on the list! Does that mean I can't join?


Really, plz answer me quickly @Hero_Dino. I really need answers now!


HS user: KarmicSans2
HF user (yes,it's necessary): KarmicSans2
Do you know a lot about HS?: I have two features
Will you follow the rules: Yes
the following question(s)
-How to be an awesome HSer? Be nice, and give credit where credit is due
-How to record something in Hopscotch? There is a red button in the top left corner of the screen, which lets you record your project


Oh, there's a topic for that list where you can add yourself. People use that list to attract attention, but only you can add yourself.


You can still join! That's just the Official Mass Tag List! You can include yourself in in a topic probably titled Official Mass Tag List by Poptart0219!
Sorry for replying late.
I was busy preparing a costume for tomorrow (I will be Cat in the hat) and Hopscotching


I meant that do you know a lot of facts of HS?


Sure, I'll join! So here is all the ans
This here is how to be awesome\/

And this red button here is how to record\/


@Wateryninja Please fill in the form! :wink:


Ok, fine! Here is the form @Hero_Dino!
HS user:zigzagninja
HF user:Wateryninja
Do you know a lot of HS facts:yes, I have been hopscotching for one and a half years.
Will you follow the rules:yes


Lol :stuck_out_tongue:


That's the OMTL :wink:


Oh. I know a TON about Hopscotch.


It's in auto-correct!
Is dos correct?


*Komplettverr├╝cktjunge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It's no longer in auto-correct


No I didn't set it as a text replacement I don't see why you would think that
runs away


Man, if it's a collab, are we making a account or what, remixing all the way?


It's a kind of a collab. I need help on doing something and I need certain people to help mah.


So do we create an account or remix projects on hopsctoch @Hero_Dino?