Here's Why Everyone (Even Adults) Should Use Hopscotch (IMHO)



Is it just me, or does it seem like too many adults might be missing out on the amazingness that is Hopscotch because they think it's "just for kids"?

I've been totally addicted to it since it came out on iPhone. And I've learned SO much from using it. It really is an authentic and immersive way to learn computational thinking. It's not just getting a list of math problems, completely out of context, and then memorizing formulas to solve them. It's more like actually DOING math. When I was in school, I dreaded "math". What even is it? Numbers and whatnot, okay yeah. But more than that, it's a way of thinking.

Maybe I'm overly excited because before I dropped out of grad school a couple years ago, I was studying to become an ■■■■■■■■■■ school teacher, and I had a lot of big ideas about how we should be teaching and designing curriculum. Hopscotch is one of those rare gems amidst a sea of "edutainment" programs and pre-packaged curriculum kits that promise to help students build "21st century skills".

And I think the difference is that it doesn't seem like it's top priority is to be educational, it just is, just like everything else in the real world from which people learn and grow and develop skills. Artificial learning experiences lose their authenticity and thus they lack meaning for the learner. Humans don't learn just for the sake of learning, we learn so that we can achieve some end goal or be more effective at something in the real world. With Hopscotch, working towards that end goal is the learning experience. It's truly an example of "authentic learning".

So thank you Hopscotch team! You've really created something amazing :smiley:


  • p.s. Despite this glowing review, I swear I am in no way affiliated with Hopscotch Technologies, Inc. or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries (:smirk:)


I would love to see more adaults.

Like marketing, I hope they can do something.


Hm, apparently the word "e.l.e.m.e.n.t.a.r.y." is highly sensitive, classified code word and has been redacted from my post :smile:


Amazing post! Well said! I completely agree. :clap:


Haha. Well... the Hopscotch Team blocks words that could potentially offend some people, share personal info, or are swears. For example, they don't want kids saying, "I go to (blank) elementary school." And have random people stalk them down. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you metaforest on hopscotch? I love all your projects!


I really don't understand that rule because someone else could say
"I go to (blank) Middle School."


Woo hoo!
clap clap clap


But 'middle' is a common word :stuck_out_tongue:


Great speech!
Why don't they just block school then?


Middle can be used for other meanings too, such as "I was in the middle of the conversation..." Also, middle and high schoolers tend to know what is ok to share and what is not.


Yah. That's very true.


I agree!

Cool speech!


Great speech!!


Yep that's me! Thanks! :grin:


Ohhh okay, that makes total sense then :smiley:


I hope lots of people see this!