Here's what will probably be in the next update:



So, now that I'm a beta tester, I'm going to give you a run down of what will probably be in the new update. (This is NOT garenteed to be in the update).
1. New shape objects
These are shapes that are not text!

2. Some of the default abilities were removed, and a few were added

3. A new block for coloring text without the set text block, and to color the new shapes

And finally,
4. New profile pics

Remember, none of these features are final, but they will probably be in the new update.


I heard the normal animal avatars aren't there anymore :pensive:


Yeah, they're gone. At least these ones are kinda cool.


The new ones are cool, but I'm RawrBEAR. :sweat_smile: I'm going to stay as Bear through the update by staying as Bear. Hopefully it'll work! :slightly_smiling:


Well, you got to stay a bear!!! I love the bird, but I really wish there was some sort of smiley thing... :grinning:


I think you guys are lucky for those profile pics...


It sort of stays on you like a badge, telling others that you've been on for long! :smiley:


I @@SmileyAlyssa can you help me I really want a Hopscotch charter badge and I can not please explain!


That's exactly what I think! And I try to follow as many people as I can that have one of the old charecters. Most of them are advanced! And I like the little group that's left :smiley:

@3087777 what do you mean?


Well you know you have the bird! I want that too!