Here's my final decision on leaving. (Zachyswag)



As many of you know, I love hopscotch. The forum, the coding, the games, all of it. But as many of you also know, as I'm growing up, I'm losing time to do all of this.

Recently I made a topic saying that I will decide whether I'm leaving or not. But here's my final decision.

I'm leaving, until Summer. (Or Winter to those of you in the Southern Hemisphere.) Once summer comes, I will come back.

I want you guys to know, all of you have made a huge impact on my life, and I will miss you until summer, so remember, I will not be gone if you just believe.

This is @Zachyswag, signing out. :slight_smile:

NOTE: I will not leave until tomorrow, so if you have anything you need to tell me, tell me NOW.

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Well, that's your decision. And I respect that. Have fun IRL! Bye ;-;


See you in summer/winter then, @Zachyswag! You will be missed :((


Awwe! We'll miss you so much!!!!

Can't wait to have you back though, on the forum and in the WaH club :D

Bye and have fun!


Goodbye ;-;

We'll miss you, have an awesome life (until summer lol)


Okay, bye!
We hope you will come back soon!


Bye @Zachyswag gonna miss you. See you in the summer!


Bye! Hope you come back!


See you in the Summer!!
Good luck with your schoolwork and we'll all be so excited to see when you're back!!


Bye, Zach! Have a nice life irl! See you soon


see you in winter zach


;-; bye Zach.


Im glad you made a decision


Ok guys, this is officially my last post until summer! I will miss you all. Bye!



See you then! :D


I read my emails last night when I got home from my trip. And I have one thing to say: I will miss you. You are coming back in the summer and I can´t wait for that (it´s actually not that long until summer), but I want you to know that you are amazing. Ever since I re-discovered the forums about a year ago, you have been really nice and amazing. You are really kind and a great Hopscotcher. Bye @Zachyswag, I´ll miss you. See you in the summer. Have fun IRL.



Ttyl senpai


Im so late


Have a great time doing irl stuff my friend!

I'll be here when you get back, exactly how you left me!

Have fun and don't let life bring you down!



My Zelda bro. He's gone. He's really gone.

What am I suppose to do without you? Will else will I be able to talk with abut breath its wild?


I beat breath of the wild and I'm a Nintendo nerd so hi