Here's a suggestion for the drawing topic


Ok before I say (Type) something, let's all take a deep breath. Let's all come down and not get triggered by what I'm about to write.

But I don't get the whole list thing. Do what topic are we on? 10? 11? Well when that one closes, then someone just makes one and that's the official one. So basically whoever is fastest at making a topic gets to make it. Like it doesn't matter who. Anyone can. Like i don't get why LL has the right to pick who makes it. Honestly it's just a topic. She's really not the "owner" of it. She's not the only one with that idea.

But that's just my idea. Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Jokes?


i actually want to make it the first topic again.

11 is too high of a number for a drawing topic


I agree completely.


Thank you

@iReesesCup ya 11 topics lol. That's a lot


and like the last few closed at 3000


Ya cause of flags

I think


Why don't you create a topic with global edit and let people write their usernames on a list, the order of people in the list is the order of people making the new topic?
@Lazylizard, what do you think?


They did, and it didn't work..


Follow Apple. Their latest iPad? Just called it "iPad". Not iPad 5, not iPad Air 3, just simply iPad ;)


no but here it's like

haha look at this we're on drawing topic 11 that's a lot of topics (as well as the extra ones, we probably have about 15 now) we're a great coding forum


How many topics reached 10k posts?


I completely agree. LL was the original creator, but not the owner. There is a difference to that. But I guess the kids here like to make big deals out of everything. * shrugs *


also all the drawing topics that were made by LL had problems....


only a few of them, after 6 they closed because of flags, and the unofficial ones just got closed for some reason


So... 5? Probably should just check real quick



When ever I say that everyone is like, JUST SHUT U



search drawing on ipad compared to paper, there's a bit of them which have been closed, not because of max replies


Some people here are legit stubborn. Though honestly I think we should respect other's opinions at all times.