Here's a Random Question


Im only 9 years old!!!!!!!:wink::blush:


I'm in 5th grade, but people say I'm so tall they think I'm in, 8th.


I guess, but it would be really strict.
People can't recognize you that clearly based on one body part, but it can still have risks.


Wuuuuuut! Im a member too and i havent ran out of likes in a couple days!


Neither am I...
We should probably GBOT now lol


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Ok here is a good time to really GBOT


Boom! My arm!! I think it's okay as long as you are not showing your face.


Yeah totally. I agree. 11 year olds have no sense of style. They also look like a mess. xD

You do not look like a walrus. You're pretty!!


Gosh Inty, that's insulting...


It was joke. I'm 11 years old right now. Sorry, I should've have said that. :sweat_smile: @BellaWafflez17

I have terrible jokes, I know.


That's okay!
I'm only ten actually


I still have no sense of style. I wear whatever's comfortable. XD

And I lied. I was twelve. XD

My face elongated a lot... And my eyebrow game is a lot stronger now. Phew.

The first picture is from a month or so ago (definitely no snap chats involved) and the second was from the blog. I brightened the second pic so it didn't look so gloomy. :stuck_out_tongue:

one year evolution of face


Oh moi gersh u use snapchat


Yeah you have changed a LOT.
Why did you cover your eyes? Your beautiful eyeballs are on the internet already...




pleez dun talk about eyebrows.

aim veree self consceeous about ma eyebrows ;-;


Idk. I actually don't know why. Probably instinct. XD Well... technically my eyeballs look pretty dead in each pic so nah.
@TheLiker5839 ^^^^

Is it just me, or did my hair part change sides?

omg. So proud of my eyebrows. They r so bootyful.


I've done that with my hair and feet and stuff like that, it's fine as long as it's not inappropriate and nobody could track you down with it.



Those eyebrows are awesome in the first pic. :open_mouth: