Here's a Random Question


Okay, so I've been thinking about stuff, and I somehow came up with a very random question.
Is it okay to show pictures of parts of you body? Like, say your hair was really hard to explain, but you really needed it for a request. Would you be allowed to take a picture of yourself, Photoshop everything out except for your hair, and post it? Or, if for some random reason, someone wanted to know what your ear looked like, would you be allowed to do the same thing? I'm sorry for making this very random topic, and I'll recycle it once I get the answer! I tried to search before I posted, but I didn't know what to search for.
Here's a poll, but please post your answer!

  • Yeah, this is okay.
  • I'm pretty sure this is okay :slight_smile:
  • I don't really think this is okay :confused:
  • This is not okay.


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I don't know. That's more a question for mods to answer


Teshnicaly, it's for THT to answer.




As long as your not showing your face or anything that's not appropriate for the forum I think its fine, but I don't know :\ I think it's really up to THT to answer this! It's their rules after all! :D

Face profile pic

Well, Kiwi's on so she might answer.


That's what I think but THT might think differently. Idk...


We can get both THT's and the mod's opinions hopefully by tomorrow.


Some people have shown a picture of themselves but scribbled out there face!


I know @Kiwicute2016 is on, maybe she can answer!


Really? Did it get flagged?


i dont that when i show pics of me, but not on the forum!


Yeah, I've done that for myself on the photography topic :D


Nope! It was in the photography topic. actually, I think a few people did. Even kiwicute did, but she showed her face.


Yeah, but there are crazy people out there that might show ca-RAZY things.


Yeah, because her face was on THT's blog, right?


It is :)




I'm no mod, but I think it's fine. People have posted pictures of their hands before, but I dunno (・ω・)


Well, your parents have to sign an agreement that allows Kiwi to show her face on, like, THT's social media. Same with BAS.