Here's a Random Question


BAS is in their Instagram :D


I think so, on an older version. Or maybe their Twitter? Facebook? IDK.


The one thing I missed. XD


When i met THT this summer people asked me for a photo with Them, I colored over all our faces and posted it, I'm pretty sure it's ok! :D


Oh, cool!
We're slowly drifting off topic...


It's okay to share, but make sure to do it at your own risk. I wouldn't go around sharing every part of yourself, but if you share your hair, it's fine.

Face profile pic

That was just an example! :slight_smile:
Thanks PT!


Like PT said, share your hair or whatever, but I wouldn't share every part of yourself, and definitly not your face. :slight_smile:


Right. My parents signed a contract allowing my face to be shown on THT's insta and blog. I'm sure BAS's parents had to sign something too. In this case, I am allowed to show my face (would show now, but acne is eating me and my eyebrow game aint very strong).

Tbh, you can show your hair, your ear, your nose, idc. Just don't show too much and don't show your eyes, or features of your body that are unique to only you or a few people.

Face profile pic

There are people who can draw like Kiwi(omgee, so amazing) super realistic, and what if they post a drawing of their face?


Oh yay!
What about your toe? I have very unique and weird toes!


I would avoid posting your unique toes. XD


That's their choice. However, if it really, really looks like you, then I wouldn't share it.


Yeah, that's what I was going to say. (Before the awesome Kiwi did a super longish paragraph.)


What is THT's Instagram?


But my unique toes are so beautiful I just have to share them with everyone!


I wouldn't tell you.


Why? Are we like not allowed to follow it?

Cause I heard kids talking about it but I've never seen it


I have seen your face before, when I was scrolling on THT's blogityblog.


It's a public Instagram account though. It's not like a big secret.

@Ella_13, it's "gethopscotch", I believe.