Here's a Gif-t for Everyone!


I am so happy that I got all of this support on my first day on the forum! Thank you to all of the Hopscotchers who helped me such as @Intellection74, @smishsmash, and many more! Here's a Gif-t for all of the support.


First reply....



Those are the cutest gifs ever. :3


Super cute! Maybe you could recreate one of the GIFs (but without motion) on Hopscotch! :D

I'm glad you're enjoying the forum so far. :smiley:


I'm glad your enjoying the forum!

Remember, all topics should be related to HS or the forum :D
Maybe try recreating these gifs, with or without motion, the I'm hopscotch! :D


Glad you're enjoying it!

@Caramel_Puffin will love that pun lol


Idea sparked


@JessieCA that pun, is a-maze-ing

I'm sorry


Wait I was binaried so @Caramel_Puffin didn't see it ;(


plays sad violin
Why system? Why?!

Hai @JessieCA! I never properly welcomed you, so I'll do it here.
Welcome to the forum!
I'm glad you're here!
Those gifs are so cute, they'd make great pixel/trail arts! :D

Nice pun by the way!


Welcome! It's great to hear that your first day was awesome!


I recreated the cat as a trail art on Hopscotch! Look for it under The Forum Cat! :cat:


I'm super glad you're enjoying the forum!

I don't think we've met yet, so hello! I'm SmileyAlyssa​:blush: I've been on HS and the forum for a while now, if you need any help please tag me!

I love your featured game! It's so cool!


Nice to meet you! And congrats on the feature, its AWESOME!


Thank you so much! :smiley:


What app do you use to make gifs?


I don't make gifs, I find them on the internet.


And the people who make them...are GENIUSES