Here1Am video and project review topic

This is a topic for @kittengirl37 aka Here1Am’s Hopscotch related videos. Here you can:
-suggest a video idea
-talk about any previously made videos
-suggest a project for me to make a video on

This is my Hopscotch related YouTube channel.

Comments are turned off since the vids are made for kids, so feel free to add any comments to this topic, too!

If you do want me to make a video playing your project, simply link it or let me know the project ID! Then, let me know if you want the video to be a simple play through, or if you want me to review/rate the project, too.

I Can also do project reviews that AREN’T made into a video if you don’t want your project in a video but still want someone to play through it.

If anyone wants to be tagged when I upload a new hopscotch vid, click this poll here:

  • Tag me when post new vid
  • Not me
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@Bluvi @I_Cant_Code @RoadOcean

I had a lot of fun making this vid and hopes everyone enjoys :smile_cat::smile_cat:


@braynee202 you selected both that you want to be tagged and don’t which one is it?


Also if anyone wants a project reviewed pls lmk I want to make another vid soon!!


If you ever run out I give you permission for any of my projects — I always love feedback!

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