Here1Am’s dress up / picrew project

Hi! Essentially I’m working on a picrew inspired project, and am looking for ideas of things I should include in terms of things like clothing, hair styles, accessories, body, etc. I want to make sure the project is inclusive to everyone as much as I can, so if anyone has any ideas at all I’d love to see them here. Also, if anyone would like to submit ideas for shirt designs in their art porfolio I’ll be sure to add them in! Otherwise you can just describe your idea and I’ll try my best to implement it. Thank you!


Thats so cool!! What kind of stuff are you looking for exactly?


Really any ideas at all!! Like Ik whenever I do picrews I get annoyed when they don’t have a specific hair style or accessory my character wears, so I’m looking for that kind of stuff so I can make it that as many people as possible can make themselves or their characters.


That’s cool! I can for sure do something.
Any specific style?


I more meant if ppl give me ideas I’ll draw them myself, but if you’d like to draw smth I can post some of the assets/drawings I have already into my portfolio for a reference!


Sorry I read the post wrong :sweat_smile:,
If possible definitely add an ability to fade the hair into another color at the tips,
And hoodies, hoodies are a must


I’ll try with the hair thing, tho idk how I’d implement it into the code. I’ll figure it out tho! And I’ll try to do split dye hair colors as well. And ofc hoodies! Hoodie/shirt designs I did ask for, so anything u wanna put into ur portfolio would be amazing :)


A black and red stripy t-shirt. That would be awesome

Also the project sounds awesome


Cat headband
Flower headband
Cat and flower headband (or just make it so that you can wear different clothing yourself)
Living cat that can blink and twitch it’s ears and meow
Bun, ponytail, pigtail, long/short fall down hair, bangs/no bangs, curly fall down hair, make it so you can dye your hair any colour you want (like make the hair strips and put them together so it looks like hair, then make a hair colouring option so you can make rainbow hair or a blue stripe in the hair and the player can paint on their own hair colours), make it so you can adjust the short/longness of the hair (put a shape that’s the same colour as the background and make it so you can move it up and down with arrows), short short hair, short short short hair, gender option, swimsuit, dress, makeup option, change makeup colour option, draw your own makeup option, bald, messy hair, skirt, jeans, present colours and hsb slot for anything that you can change colour, all these options should be available for both genders, pet option (like living pets that can twitch their ears and blink), animal onesies, animal costumes, animal headbands, different wacky headbands, skin colour customization (like you can make it any colour for example green),

If you include all these options that would be AWESOME

But I understand if you can’t…

Also pls credit me if you use any of this :)

Please include all of this


I don’t feel like the gender option is necessary just because some people don’t identify as male or female or non binary.


I think it would be cool if there were an option for vitiligo, birthmarks, freckles/moles and an option to make the left eye and the right eye different colors
Clothing-wise, may I suggest overalls? Or a jean jacket with patches? Or dramatic gasp oversized sweaters?
Accessories I think would be fun: beanie, messenger bag, key necklace (necklace chain with a key as the pendant)

Hope this was helpful! I can’t wait to see the finished product!


sure! I’ll probably do other colors of stripes as well.

I’ll include all the clothes and hair styles for sure! And I’m planning of having plenty of hair dye options including split dye and dyed tips. I’m not certain if I have the coding ability to have it so you can adjust how short/long the hair is, since I’m using images, not shapes, and they’re all meant to fit a specific head shape, but I’ll be sure to add a variety of hair styles in different lengths. Painting on their hair also seems like a great idea! I’ll likely add it. There will be different makeup options, but I probably won’t use a gender option as then I’d have to draw twice as many of all clothing options and some other options, plus it excludes non-binary ppl like myself, so the body being used will be made to look androgynous (gender neutral) but you can customize using clothing, hair, and makeup to look more feminine or masculine. As for the pet option, I’ll probably include pets but they probably won’t move since it’d require a lot more effort and I’m trying to keep the project realistic. I love the idea of animal costumes though! And I was already planning on a large skin tone option, including of course unnatural colors like green :)
I’ll make sure to credit you for the pet and any hair/clothing ideas I end up adding!

I’ll do the vitiligo, birthmarks, freckles, and other skin texture options for sure! I’ll see about the eye thing but I’ll most likely implement that as well. Overalls and patched up jackets seem like a great idea, and some shirts will definitely be oversized sweaters.
I’ll include all those accesories as well! I adore the key necklace idea, it reminds me of Coraline.


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