Here. The Message You Wanted. -LazyLizard


Hey guys.

Obviously, I realize that we have something going on seriously wrong here. I understand I have quit the forum and I am coming back occasionally, however that isn't working so my first announcement is that I am coming back to be on consistently.

The next part is why I'm so triggered right now.

I have a life guys... I play soccer and I go to this torture chamber called school... it's hard to have 7 hours of school, 2 hours of soccer, a break, and then another practice. Barely any time for life, guys.

So I have been on. Silently watching how you guys can just tear one another apart. Piece by piece. I watched a topic I approved on get flagged down. I have been getting MILLIONS of tags with people complaining about this. I completely understand that bluedogmc quit, but there is no need for other users like FearlessPhoenix who were simply trying to help and got approval from me however it got flagged down. I got TONS of tags from that topic, I don't need to be spam tagged in order to give approval. If somebody says I've approved, chances are I am. @SmilingSnowflakes is the first person in a VERY long time to actually let me know what's going on... I had no idea that bluedogmc quit, and it's quite a pain to constantly be having to tend to people who are complaining about my laziness although my username says I'm lazy, so y'all better not have a problem...


Also, I feel bad for @FearlessPhoenix so I will let her(I think it's a her, tell me if I'm incorrect) make the next topic because she deserved to not have those unnecessary flags.


PS- sorry if that came across as hostile, I'm super overwhelmed and this whole thing is making me go crazy. I haven't stopped stressing about something in a week. I wish y'all could understand that my home life isn't always the best.


This is my first time reading a topic this long...
And I understand It must me annoying having all those tags
Like magampop did
I think he got 1000+ :0


@Lazylizzard I agree maybe no,inate around 5 people u can trust such as @smilingsnowflakes @Maltese @KVJ @Hermione and @ValueGamesStudio I think @


Wow, does this have to do with all those drawing topics?


I see a lot of them shut down.


Thanks for making this topic. I'm glad to see that this is settled. ^^


I'm glad this whole topic thingy is over btw I missed u @LazyLizard :sob:


It's okay.. I would love to make the topics but I mean..

She said she's making them and the next one will be made by FP.

But thank you. I really appreciate it!


Thank you...means a lot. Yes, I am a she. And sure, I'd be honored to make drawing topic 12. If it is nessesary.
Edit: Well, then. Drawing topic 10 has been reopened. That is our new official, and 11 will be there as soon as Topic 10 reaches 10000 posts. (Hopefully that will be how it sees its end, and not flags.)


I don't want to seem um...
Rude buuuut, what about what happened to topic 6???


it disappeared off the forum(?)


Thanks for clearing up all the misunderstandings


Thank you man! Someone finally said this!


FP's topic got opened, thanks @Liza!

In the future i will make them. :D


Thanks for clarifying everything! :])


Okay, thanks for making everything clear, Have fun IRL!


Ayyyy you play soccer!
Welcome back and I hope this works!



I'm kinda annoyed at my coach... he set up 3v3 mini fields with goals and he set up WAYYY too many and we didn't even use them! He made a huge mess and after practice he had me and a few eighth graders clean up the mess for him while he sat on the bench looking at his phone lol


I about to start soccer tomorrow and I have no experience :/
Let GBOT now


We play indoor and we had to move 4 100 lb goals
My arms still hurt
@ValueGamesStudio K