Here’s what’s been going on


So guys as you have heard, I have been working on a game called Broken Worlds, and I honestly don’t think it will ever be finished. Mostly because I just don’t have motivation to even touch it. Due to that I don’t know if I will ever finish it. If you have any questions or anything you’d want to suggest to my other games or just want to say please say or ask them here. Sorry for the inconvenience. This is also due to the fact that TheCMStudios is now only a one person account. Nothing bad happened the other person left because she got busy and stuff so now it’s just me. So uhhhh, yea. That’s what’s been happening over the past weeks I haven’t posted anything


Oh, I am sad to here that…


I didn’t know that there were 2 @TheCMStudios


There were two people working on games in TheCMStudios now it’s just me


If its in a good enough shape could you post what you have?


So sorry, it’s not even close to being a demo


Okay, that is sad. I hope that you still will be able to keep the account up, though. Feel no pressure.


Don’t worry I’ll still be making games. I can’t stop doing that🙃


The games that come from us will not change. The only difference is that I’m the only one coding them now


Ooooo I’ll motivate you well I’ll encourage you! I mean like dude your a great coder you could he featured I mean like youve already started why not finish? And if you just don’t want to finish it well then thats your decision!


Thanks @Ducks_Happy
Just what do you mean by finish what I started?


Oh hmmm oh yeah I mean that if you started it why not finish it or turn it into diff game idk just an option!


Yea I see what you mean. Although, this isn’t like any other games I’ve made, and I want to make it where no one has ever seen me do this. Broken Worlds is a complete story lined game where there is fighting and a story. Finishing the Mr.Tickles story.


Oh wow that sounds really cool if you need encouragement let me know!


I have no motivation ever


Oooo I can encourage you :smile:


You can try but it won’t work lol
I don’t even get motivation to live anymore


What??? My dood you need to live! Your amazing at art!