Here’s Johnny pixel art! The Shining! 100 lines 10k pixels!



Youself youslef topapo


Ok imma go, might be back later, otherwise tomorrow.


Lol goodnight
We spammmed a guy with 200 likes on HS


jaw drops in amazement

Amazing! @tankt2016 knew the picture from this app callled sandbox, and thought it was a guy in a shower. Me too. Now we know!


I knew it was Jonny because our dad said so.
And yes, @Dylan329 got the idea from Sandbox. Are you doing any more large ones, @Dylan329?


Wow. Just wow.

That is amazingly good! I have never seen any pixel art like that before. This is a great subscription alternative, but it takes a while to code… Amazing!


Yes, I am making a turkey for thanksgiving, it has 17k pixels.
Thanks to @FearlessPhoenix for making the template.


Thanks! I have plans to make some more realistic-looking pixels arts like this. I’m excited. I think I saw 2 other templates that are super realistic, that I want to make.


@Petrichor what is tagica?


Definition: A tag Petrichor likes to add to topics


:joy: wow lol


Woah! Great job!

This is really nice. How long did it take?


something important


Thanks, it took probably 9-10 hours


I can’t wait! :slight_smile: