Here’s Johnny pixel art! The Shining! 100 lines 10k pixels!



I just published a pixel art from the movie “The Shining” with the famous quote “Here’s Johnny!
I spent probably like 9-10 hours working on this project!
The project wouldn’t publish, I asked THT to help me, and they tried.
After like a week of trying to publish it, I decided to post a copy of the project and it worked!
I’m very excited!

Well here it is!

I’m gonna try to make more realistic pixel arts!
@Dylan329List @omtl

(This template was from the sandbox app)

How would you rate this pixel art?
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Why is it not showing the thumbnail image in that link.
Anyone know how to fix that?


@Dylan329 did you add a space behind the link’s text. Can you make it where I can edit real quick? I’ll tell you when I’m done!


OMG!!! That pixel art is amazing, it looks like a real picture!!


Ikr, only if it showed the thumbnail on this link…


Here’s @JonnnnnnnyGamer !!!


Oh wow, fantastic, a hopscotch joke, har har har…


How can I give you access to edit it?




Hereeeeee is @JonnyGamer


Smooth pixel art template with 100 lines already added


Yeah, my friend and I thought he was in the shower but my dad said he’s sticking his head through a hole he chopped in a door.
Also did you get this from that one pixel art if this on Sandbox Coloring?


You probabaly already know this bcuz I nominated it for featured, but I really love this pixel art!
I’m glad it published :smiley:


Yes, I got it from sandbox!


Thanks again :grinning:


Cool! It looks exactly the same as the one from Sandbox! You did great on it!


No problemo!
It is very amazing


By the way, your Poll is missing the 22
KVJ would be disappointed. As am I.

Make another poll with 22 in it.


Thank you!


Ahh, it doesn’t let me add another poll.