Helping the Unnoticed👍🏻


If you really love someone's projects, follow them! They will most likely follow you back, and thus you can make your way around our supportful commintiy


I agree, I actually did that with OceanFlow :sweat_smile:


Thanks for saying that for me @PopTart0219! :smile:


Work. Life Steve Jobs said,
"Think Different."


Can you please do a shout out to "harry lol ###" he's my friend... He's been on hopscotch awhile but he's not that popular....




Personally I wouldn't copyright make something from scratch have some fun experimenting!? And Also that kinda copyright


Wow so many people contributing! Sorry I haven't answered for a while, I haven't had internet. Thanks for the tips and quotes. I won't copyright. I will do that shoutout for iscawot. Thanks, @MimiKitty789


Just going to revive the topic:
Tips I made for unnoticed:
Find which scenario you're in:
You're unnoticed but you don't have much experience:
Keep trying harder! Don't quit because it's hard or tedious. It's fine! Famous people had to go through that!
You're unnoticed but beg for likes:
4 words: STOP BEGGING FOR LIKES. Begging is a bad way to earn likes. The only reason people like that project is so you'll be happy, not because it shows work. Some people may say you're just jealous and that you should work hard. Working is a better way to get likes.
You're unnoticed but you're projects are Featured-worthy:
Helpful tip: DO NOT START BEGGING. Just try asking others for feedback, even famous people or THT! They may put you on Featured! If not, it's okay! Just remember: Hard work pays off, not jealousy.
This is important stuff, and if it sounds mean, it's not trying to be mean. Even if you are unnoticed, this is very important. But, however, if this does sound mean, I will edit it to make it sound nicer :smile:


Another piont for feature worhy projects:
Try to create them in the time zone THT is in


Sometimes doesn't help but whatever it may help :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well, try asking/testing


Thanks for keeping the project alive! One of my distant friends, not closest, just got on trending. I was so happy for her! Looks like all the tips are helping. I'll test @Stampys_fans theory for sure. @MobCraft you gave loads of tips. And no the last section does not sound mean to me.
Thanks a bunch!


But I've actually been on trending in the past, but really REALLY down in the list (except for Funky 63 Is Illuminati), my project popularity kind of wore out after a bit


Yeh and I think we all need to realise that if we make projects that get on a special category, that's amazing! Congratulations! But it won't stay popular for long because other people will create new projects so that's why you need to


The True answer to be noticed by many...

Time will give you success

You just need time for practice and improvement... Like really...

Those 5 words is the key to life as well...

After all

Its better to lose than win the first round, since you can learn from your mistakes

Ain't that right?

How about...

A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step

- Lao Tzu


That is soooooooo right! Practicing is the key to success. I love the great quotes @comicvillestudios gave us. So inspiring!


I have been doing that since I started Hopscotch! But then I ended up with WAY to many drafts.


LOVE this question.

We just created a new topic thread where you can nominate awesome projects to be put in Featured or Rising:

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