Helping the Unnoticed👍🏻


The way I got "famous" was to just hopscotch away...
Time to say

Keep calm, and Hopscotch on!


I know right? Last year I got 4 features, and lots of trending so. Now I haven't got on featured or rising even once :sweat:
But I have gotten to the top of trending, close enough (Insert meme here)


Use the acronym IGMH!




IGMH - Insert Gif/Meme Here!



Sure @PopTart0219 I will keep working towards my goal and keep on hopscotching as @AHappyCoder says. It's good you get in different catorgies @Follow4LikesOfficial. It is a shame you don't get in Gm featured anymore. Keep Trying! I never get anything other than newest but I'm getting used to the fact there is so many hopscotchers out there and that I'm probably one in a hundred. @GysvANDRegulus cool memes! I like them! I never new you could do that. By the way I'm trying to get my friend to join the forum cause she is really unoticed and I reckon could use some help. Let's just continue coding!:slightly_smiling:


Another way is to put your projects in channels. People look at the channels to see projects grouped in their interest categories, and by publishing your project into a channel it helps it be seen more because people don't do this often. Make sure to put it in the right channel though. Don't just use any channel to get attention, because then you will be cluttering channels with unrelevant projects.


Please no acronyms!! Those are so hard to memorize!

Anyway, what I did to get popular is when I got really good, I started getting more social, and soon enough, I got popular! It was also @MobCraft's way of getting popular (other than that Illuminati project he made)! :wink:


Wow @DragonLover975 I never new that! I'll be sure try putting one of my projects in a category sometime! If @Rawrbear doesn't want us to use acronyms then please try not to. If you have to you can but let's minimise it. I'm going to give another thank you to @MobCraft because a lot of people use the same style.


The acronyms get highly confusing to people who don't interest in learning them, so I would suggest keeping use to a minimum :wink:


Yes especially all those. I expect people know the basics like LOL, thx and pls but I would prefer it if the acronyms were kept a a low level and only used sometimes. Thanks loads, @MimiKitty789.


I totally agree that we should all help the unnoticed :slightly_smiling:

Here are tips to support these hopscotchers who aren't noticed:

1) Give shoutouts to un-noticed people! I do weekly shoutouts, and I always make sure that the people who I give shoutouts to are not really noticed, so I can give support.

2) Help them with there projects! let's say someone wants to know how to make a smooth backgrounds, tell them how to do that! It's also very kind to help :wink:

3) Don't be rude! think about it, if all the noticed hopscotchers were mean, it would show a bad example for un-noticed people. No one wants that.

Hope this helped,



If you really love someone's projects, follow them! They will most likely follow you back, and thus you can make your way around our supportful commintiy


I agree, I actually did that with OceanFlow :sweat_smile:


Thanks for saying that for me @PopTart0219! :smile:


Work. Life Steve Jobs said,
"Think Different."


Can you please do a shout out to "harry lol ###" he's my friend... He's been on hopscotch awhile but he's not that popular....




Personally I wouldn't copyright make something from scratch have some fun experimenting!? And Also that kinda copyright