Helping the Unnoticed👍🏻


I want to help some hopscotches who are amazing but very unpopular and not known. Example, people who beg for likes and followers aren't the same but kind people who are just great at hopscotch and don't ask for likes but are unpopular should be made popular. I know how it feels not being able to chat to anyone or have any friends, so I want to try and stop that happening to others. What should I do? Any tips? Thanks!


Umm, I would say set a goal and work hard until you reach that goal. That's what I did


Just keep trying. If nobody notices your projects, take it as a sign that you should try even harder, and try something new that you could be great at.


Now is harder than ever to rise to the top because of how many people are in the community


If you really want to, and you try, you can totally do it.


That's a really good idea!


Thanks guys. The tips are great! I've made one of the how popular are you projects and if someone isn't popular I might help them become popular. Because it's not just me wanting to be popular but I think if I help make others popular it will make the community a better place. Thanks for all your help! Speaking of help...If anyone is unpopular and has no friends put a note in this chat! I'm sure we can do something about it! And a special thanks to everyone who helped me! Are any of you unpopular and want help?


Republish :stuck_out_tongue: I have seen many featured projects that have been published multiple times and only one of them get on featured :grinning:


I try to be good at things but my average likes would probably be 5-10 likes per project


That's ok @AwesomeWolf18 because I have the same result, are you happy with your likes or not? If not then I'm sure there is a way to get more without begging. Are you good at coding cause if not you could get someone to help you. I'm unsure though if this sort of topic is called begging for likes, is it? I hope not. If it is should I close it? I just want to help...


I don't think it is...
I usually get around 10 likes per good project, which is decent for myself.


Thanks to @RobotPro for the tip and well as for @MobCraft you are the same as me, my average likes for a project are 5-10. I think most coders get that. But there are those few that have THOUSANDS of likes. Doesn't mean we're not coding at coding! But of course, even in a perfect world there is room for improvement.:grinning:


I make a LOT of test projects and stuff, so that usually gets 2-3 likes, but it doesn't involve a lot of work.


Once you get to the point of popularity, the kind of project just doesn't matter anymore. You keep getting tens/hundreds of likes.


I really wish my sin and cos test would go on rising :pensive:


Hey @MimiKitty789 ! It's great to see that you want to improve in hopscotch, just like everybody else. A good way to practice your Hopscotching skills is to watch the videos. The videos pretty much cover everything in Hopscotch, and that's a great way to improve your skills. The levels also test your skills, and give your skills a boost! I would suggest branching someone else's project first with some alterations for one of your first projects! Then publish it, you might get some likes, especially from the creator.
Then if the creator is popular, they might give you a shoutout! Which means whoever follows the creator, can see the shoutout and check out your profile! Joining clubs also gets you more known across the community.
Good luck!


I wouldn't use the term "Unpopular", but maybe "not-noticed". As almost all of you know, I am using the
liking-strategy to gain attention. Then, after that comes shoutouts. Many other people are doing this anonymously too on hopscotch. (10 accounts were created just this week) But if you are going to like and give shoutouts, please dont create another account, and name it "Anonymous Liker", or something. Hopscotch is a place to code. As you can see, even though I give shoutouts and stuff, I still try to code projects. I hope all of you understand.


To all the hopscotchers who think they are "not noticed:"

  1. Have a little fun with coding and do experiments! If your working on a hard project and nothing is going your way, maybe you should relax a bit and cool down.

  2. Get inspired by other hopscotchers. Lot's of hopscotchers are inspiring, so don't complain if nothing is working out for you. Trust me, I was so mad that I was out of ideas I almost quit hopscotch! crazy! There are more hopscotchers than you think.

  3. Save your favorites into drafts. If a code is too hard, I usually save it to my drafts or screenshot it so I could memorize it, and sometimes I make it into a song too, haha.

  4. Put lots of effort in your work, even if its hard! I used to not put any effort into my work, not use important stuff like values, etc. But now that I'm actually putting effort in my work, I'm finally starting to get noticed!

  5. Don't worry about how much likes your getting If your getting 2-3 likes on your projects, don't worry about that! I used to worry about that all the time, but now I try not to let that get in my way. Think of ways that you could do better, make projects that take a lot of time and creative. I guarentee you that's sure to get you on Featured!

Thanks to @Kiwicute2016 and some others, they inspired me to do better and my goal is to make it on featured like the old times!

I hoped this help and keep hopscotching no matter what- be you!


Anyone* :wink:


Lots of the "not-noticed" probably know that, but still, doing those doesn't necessarily mean "Featured." It maybe means more likes, and even Rising, but Featured-quality projects usually have to be very (very) good.