Helping A Friend! Please Help!


Okay, I will recycle this topic! Okayokay, Its an emergency!
My friend @MusicalPaintbrush, is getting seriously bullied!
I just made a collab called HelpMP!
I would really like some of her favorite Hopscotchers to post somethings on There!
Her Rolemodels-
If any of you want to join, reply with a reason Why She is Great!
You have no idea How much I would appreciate this!


Any takers? Please?!


I would like to join, She is a great friend and person, and her art is meaningful and adds to the community.


Okay! I will send you The pass!(on here)


K, got it! What's the username?


The username is HelpMP!


Oh wow
im not gonna join but that sounds awful
Is it on hs or forum or irl??
Just wondering


The app, Thanks for your concern




Ooh, I'd love to join! MP's art is original and amazing, she is a great person


Why She is Great!


I would love to join :D


MusicalPaintbrush is a kind, compassionate girl who has beautiful art. She is patient with people and doesn't get angered by little things. She is a perfect role model for younger users and we should look up to her. Although she may have done a few things wrong in the past, she has fixed her mistakes and is now one of my top favorite Hopscotchers. She seems to have self confidence and is friendly to everyone. She is equal and doesn't throw pity parties when she is sad. We should all support her right now, as she has supported us. We need to be kind and patient, as she is. She is amazing. And don't let the bullies make you forget that, MP.


Okay :D

Anyways... What do we do on the account?


I would think you make a project called To MusicalPaintbrush! in hopes that she would see it, and then notify the ppl in the grupo on HSF that you made it, its in ur profile, and that ur editing it with GREAT things to say about MP!
Edit: I just thought you were Dudey XD


Can I join? It's a good idea to help someone


Of course! @Hitokage needs as much help as she can get!
Hito can u tell Explorer the pass plz?


You guys are AMAZING!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Aww...thank you for taking the time to write this out! It made me so happy!!!!


HITO YOU ARE SO AMAZING THANK YOU!!!! You guys are going to make me cry!!:heart: