Helpful topics for new people!



How to make polls on the forum:

How to make 3D objects in Hopscotch:

HUGE list of HSBs:

Advice for Hopscotch:

What's considered personal information and what's okay to share:

The official list of ideas for Hopscotch:

And listen to this song!!!

What kind of game should I make?
Scale of canvas on editor. How to rescale?
Hi, I'm Yakitori
Hi people! I'm SunnyThoughts!
Hi! I finally got an account!
We are new! So like help us
Thanks guys, but now, I don't really need anymore help, but ty!
I need help with my game

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Pixel art help center:

Help With Making Art Projects (Drawing Pads) In Hopscotch:

Scale of canvas on editor. How to rescale?

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How to make a basic drawing pad!


Some clubs that you can join!