Helpful Tip- How to make a poll



For any newcomer
So there are MANY cool things to do when making a post. But some people don’t know how to make a poll
So, what you do is first click the gear icon. Then it gives you a list of things to do. One of them will be create poll. Tap/Click that and then follow the instructions and customize it to your needs. Here’s what it should look like when creating a poll:

Playaround with it a bit, and maybe make a poll!
I want to know if this was helpful, so here’s a poll to see how helpful it was:

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

0 voters

0 is extremely unhelpful
10 means it was super helpful.
I hope this helps!


this actually helped me! thank you i appreciate your contribution to the forum!


This was pretty helpful.

Do you know anything about different badges like basic and member and how you sure them?


Thanks! Invite/tag or give the link to someone who could use this if you want


Yes! I can make a seperate topic for that, hold on


Thank you!

Please do.

I got member and tankt2016 explained it a bit but something very indepth would be nice


I hate to be that one person but you should really SBYP


I agree with Sir Rexette he has a point, guyyss. There are a few more topic like this guyyss!


Oops sorry
I forget to check a lot and saw the faq area and wanted to add to it


It is okay though I think your topic is still really helpful!


Thanks! It’s for the FAQ topic so more people can go there for new stuff


It was a good idea to make this, but I’m sure there’s one out there somewhere. Then again, nobody bothers to use the search button, so thanks for making this!


Your welcome! I think I definitely should use the search button before making a post, and the FAQ tab is new and won’t clog the other tabs I guess


You can see a topic about that in #faq made by @t1_hopscotch.


This has been asked by lots of people, so thank you for making this great tutoria! :clap:


Come join the Party! Yasss