Helpful HTML Websites (Post New HTML Tricks)

I found a useful website that you can use to learn simple HTML tags
Go here to learn formatting stuff

Go here to learn some Unicode!

Learn how to make lists here!
@OMTL @TheCoders

Also post your HTML creations...


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  • Start each line

  • with an [[Wikipedia:asterisk|asterisk]] (*).
    ** More asterisks give deeper
    *** and deeper levels.

  • Line breaks
    don’t break levels.
    *** But jumping levels creates empty space.
    Any other start ends the list.

  • combine bullet list
    ** with definition
    ::- definition
    ** creates empty space

  • combine bullet list
    ** with definition
    *:- definition
    ** without empty spaces

bullet list
:- definition
sublist that doesn’t create empty
:* spaces after definition

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: Single indent
:: Double indent
::::: Multiple indent

Text is '''preformatted''' 
with a style and 
''markups'' '''''cannot''''' be done



yeah that doesn’t do bold

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You might have to retype it

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Bye the wayyy we found it

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This is cool

He deleted it though

oh nice this is sweet @HopscotchRemixer

&Trademark; I hope this worrkkksss

Gotta do <pre>

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I am going to make a topic soon teaching people how to do basic HTML

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