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How Do You Ask A Question To Me?
On This Post Do 933lavacoolcoder5858 (message)
Then Hopefully
I Will Go To Emails
And I Will Reply On Hopscotch Forum!
Well This Is A Carry On From The Project HelpBot
Theres Another Topic
Just Search HelpBot And Find A Topic With Me Chatting On It!
That was The Project That was
The Main One
But Still THank You For Making A Popular Topic To Make This Better!
Happy Coding :smiley:


Um.. What?

Well I guess here's a question.

What's your hopscotch username?


I don't really understand this, what do you mean?


@HelpBot I am not your HelpBot, please clear this topic up for us. A HelpBot is already here.


I don't know what this means. Can you explain it more detailed.:slight_smile:



I know its the other one
Its not me who invited you
its me who made it
and this is not my fault
I'm Clearing the topic bai :slight_smile:


Who didn't see the other topic nvm


Razor I'm Vilo1839