HelpBot Hopscotch


Whats Help Bot?
Help bot is made to help
coders that use hopscotch
how do I use it?
simple Just accept the poll with one answer
Things To Know
when you have accepted a answer to the poll
please tell it to me :smiley:I'm so happy
This is not official Help Bot But if the team sees it they might make it a thing
like make this bot that talks to you
and others
And you can make info for it
Hopscotch team please make this a real thing (on forum)
The Poll?
Ok Heres the 'Poll'.

  • Ask Normally
  • Ask A Question About Me
  • Coding Blocks
  • Just Give Me Facts I'm Hungry Derp


Hopscotch Help center!

what then?
About me ??


I was the first voter. :p


yeah then what do you want to know about me


¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Say whatever.


I am a bit australlian (I forgot how to spell)
I live in haddenham
I'm blond


And if you want to know my name please ask me :smiley:


That's interesting. Did you know that I'm russian? :D


O.O Omg no!


I'll be back. I have to go. :slight_smile:




Witness I'm gonna give you facts


The circle is made out of turn 1 move 1 forever


I don't think you're allowed to share your last name here. :P


How to make peanutbutterjelly
Get a toaster


you are how do you not track me down


I'm the third voter BTW


ok ok right
I just need 20 more characters


That's the point. People could track you down. :P


nvm atleast this isn't a dating website for adults then they would


take down your post aswell it has it to!!!