@HelpBot- explanation


Hey, this is LavenderArts! A few people have been asking to join something called HelpBot, which is an account to help people on the forum.

  1. Help Bot has been reviewed by THT.
  2. The HelpBot account is run by these members:
    @Huggingfluffybear, @Hermione, @LavenderArts, @Phase_Admin, and @ThePickle.
    We can't accept any more people. Sorry :neutral_face:
  3. @Huggingfluffybear created HelpBot, so I may not have all information.

Sorry for any confusion!


Thanks for clearing it up.:slight_smile:


You're welcome! A lot of people were asking to join after we already had max


It's not a public account, right? Public accounts can cause trouble. But I really like the idea of HelpBot! I bet a lot of people will ask for help from the HelpBot! :D


Nope, it's not a public account. It's only open to the five people up there. :arrow_up: