HELP! ..........



How do you make a topic and share it private? IDK how! :sob:

P.S: I’m new to this so IDK how to do anything cuz I am ■■■■. :sob:


Don’t worry your not du.mb. I think you have to message @t1. Or something like that


Congrats - you just made a topic :smiley:


Ya just made a topic!!
And usually you can’t do private topics but if you tag t1 like this @t1_hopscotch, she’ll make a private message or PM for you. But it’s usually just for sharing collab passwords.


You just created a topic!

This topic can be viewed by everyone, but a topic that can only be viewed by invited people is called a PM (personal message).
You will not be able to create these topics on this forum, but if you tag T1_Hopscotch (a member of The Hopscotch Team), she can make a PM for you. Although she’ll usually only create them for special reasons.

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine!
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okay thx! everyone :smile: