Help with word unscramble bot



So I’m trying to make a bot that when you give it letters, it will try to unscramble them into a word. Right now it supports 3 letters and I’m trying to teach it the word ‘FOX’. But every time you hit the FIND WORD button it either says OOO or FFF or XXX. I don’t understand why, help. @RexFrens


Help please someone.


Dang it! Everyone’s probably doing school! frustrated sigh


Can you give us a link to the project? There might be a variable error, it would be easier to figure out if we could take a look at the code.


I’m home. Plz link the project.


Oops yeah here’s screenshots


Idk. I looked for a mistake that I’ve seen before, but didn’t see it. Maybe tag POMTL? Idk.


Do u want me to tag pomtl


I have school holidays! Doesn’t everyone?


Yeah, I do but the nearest holiday break is a month or two away…unless I’m forgetting one


No, I live in Australia. We start school in January. We are on our Term 3 break which lasts 2 weeks.


Huh…way different system.


We start January. Each time a term is over, (There are 4 terms in the year) We get a 2 week break. At the end of the year, We get a 7 week break


I’d be happy to try to help, but could you give a link to the project (publish, copy link, unpublish)?



Could you explain the intended logic behind all the Check Ifs?


Ok, you have
Set ‘Determine Letter 2’ to 3
Set ‘Determine Letter 3’ to 2

Reverse that and the letters end up as FOX


But the thing is there’s going to be multiple words and it’s gonna need to detect what word to unscramble into


Lol, yeah just realized that makes it start off as fox without unscrambling

It seems that you’re just trying to code:

If exactly one of the letters = F
If exactly one of the letters = O
If exactly one of the letters = X


Letter 1 = F
Letter 2 = O
Letter 3 = X

Is that about right?


But what if there’s one word with the exact same letters as another one?