Help with understanding 1st person 3D game

This is just something I want to do but have know idea how to do. I know I have a couple of these projects though I want help with the understandment of it


Try remixing COAN’s engine.


Look at the code. Ask for help interpreting it. Change some of the code to see what would happen. Trial and error is the key to understanding.


Ok so basically, I have to mess around and learn from the errors that occur.

Copying Doom’s homework is the best way to do it lol


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Last time I looked at Doom’s homework, Nothing useful was on it, he didn’t even get any ofthe answers right!

LOL, seriously though, John Carmack basically invented 3D rendering. You should look up how Doom renders things. Maybe they’d be applicable to Hopscotch 3D rendering.

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