Help with Trail Art


Could somebody help Us with trail art?


What trail art are you making? I may be able to help.


Sorry I'm not really good with trail art. It sounds like KayKay can help you. BTW, I love your profile pic.


I want to try making a pops vile. By the way could you do projects on forum?


Thx do you have Hopscotch


What's a pops vile
Sorry I'm not up to date


I meant to say popsicle


That sounds easy. First we need to find the HSB color codes that we want the color of the popsicle to be.


Could we do projects here


We have to make the projects in hopscotch and we can post the published projects links here


Oh what's your account on Hopscotch


Potter productions


Ok that's you Hopscotch account


I'll be back in a minute or two


I'm back
Are you ready to learn some coding?


Yes of course thx I am following you on Hopscotch


Thank you!
So first, we go to an hsb color picker website, or go to t1's color finder project. We will find HSB colors that we want our popsicle to be


So go on Hopscotch right now


Okay. I reccomend image color picker to find out HS s from pictures. What color do you wnat the popsicle to be


And online web tool for finding hsbs