Help With Trail Art Animation


So I have a game I'm making don't laugh but it's called Pirate Jellyfish and well I have made Capt. jelly but I need to be able to make him move can anyone help code him to move up and down when game starts like the animated pin thingy thanks for your help sooo much i appreciate it and will give credit to whoever can figure this out
Here's the project I need it done on
Ima tag some people I think can help but if I don't tag u and you know what do to still please help


Hmmmmm. How complex is it? Can it be remade into clones that use a single when to do their part?


Well just look at the code I don't know what you mean because trail art isn't what I'm good at making


its not that complex I didn't think not that many texts


Can you condense it into one text that uses clones?


I don't think so it would be crazy difficult


Then I see no easy way to make it move,


It's pretty simple..
When I saw how to do it, I said



The big matter is

When Game Starts

Repeat Forever

Draw a Trail color WHITE width 3000

Move forward 1
Move forward -1


@LegendOfFriday, I was summoned here by @DECODECO .

I'll give a basic explanation of how to do dynamic Trail art (which is what you're trying to do, right?)

First, you'll need an object. Then, that object will need to create a bunch of clones. (Probably using my ultra-fast cloning method). The object will have a rule like this:

When game starts {
    Draw a trail color (white) width (9999) {
        Repeat forever {
            Set position to x (512) y (384)

That will make a background and clear the screen every frame.

Next, you'll need to give each clone an ID.

When object is cloned {
    Set ((Self) ID) to (Clone ID)
When object is cloned {
    Increase (Clone ID) by 1

Now you have a way to tell Clones apart. It is reccomended that you set the main object's ID to -1.

Now, you need to make each clone draw a trail every frame. You'll do something like this:

When object is cloned {
    If (((Self) ID) < 5) {
        Draw a trail color (Some color) width (some width) {
            Repeat forever {
                Set position to x (200) y (400)
                Set position to x (600) y (200)
    } else {
        If (((Self) ID) < 7) {
            ... same thing as above
        } else {
            ... so on and so forth

That will make the clones draw a trail every frame.

If you still want help, don't hesitate to tag me at @Valgo (or tag the Code Help group)!

How do you do dynamic trail art

Thanks, Valgo! :+1:


@Valgo is the clone id a variable?


Yes, a normal variable (not a self one)


Wait there's a difference :sweat::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, there is


Yes. Self I shall for th selF. Normal is for everything.


I have a simpler way but it will take longer to code because of it's repetitiveness. Let's make x your trail art.
When Game Starts
Draw A Trail x
Wait Random Amount Of Seconds
Set Trail Color To White
Set Trail Width To 3000
Move Forward One
Draw A Trail x1(next animation)
Repeat this process.


Can't help you now , you made this project with the new beta. I have installed the App Store version


:confused: so u can't play it :(((


I just made a game I'm pretty proud of on it and now no one can play it :frowning: :frowning:


They did. In the new beta testing system topic.