Help with the new update



I can't update hopscotch until after 5:00pm (eastern time) but what is it with the subscription thing? Can someone plz tell me?


If you subscribe then you can use pictures in your projects and use them as you avatar :wink:


It's so you can make hopscotch characters and avatars, but I heard it costs money, I don't know


Its $7.99/month and $79.99/year (but its on sale now :grimacing:)


But what if I don't subscribe?


If you subscribe you have to pay 8$ a month but you can still use the free version


Then u can use Hopscotch free, which is just hopscotch w/ no pictures


But I can't play projects :cold_sweat:


So basically there's two options.
Pay for a monthly subscription and be able to use pictures uploaded from your device in projects and use uploaded pictures as profile pics.

Or you don't pay and you get the same features as you had before the update.


No you can still update and play projects you just cant remix projects with pictures



what should I do to raise money to subscribe?

  • Dog walk
  • Do extra chores in exchange for $1 dollar every time


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Thank you guys! But it's for 25 cents for washing 1 load of dishes :grin::grimacing:


Does anyone have the subscription? Just wondering, I'm trying to know if it's a good reason for me to raise money and use it


I dont have it but i know if you get it then you can use pictures as backgrounds objects and as your profile pic so i think its pretty cool also there going to add like new blocks and stuff but people also think pictures in hopscotch may turn hopscotch into like instagram or something but you can unsubscribe any time so you can just try it out and see if you like it