Help with the Forum



Hi again. Are there some other things you guys could teach me about the forum, since I'm practically brand new here? Thanks


All you need to do is go to the bottom of the topic, then hit reply. There's a blue button with "reply" on it, but not part of anyone else's post! :arrow_down:


You go to the bottom and press the reply button.


You press the reply button on the bottom!


Ok, thanks. I thought that meant reply to the latest post! :sweat_smile: Thats settled now, though. Thanks!


Here is another tip! You don't have to put hyoir username at the end of every post or topic! We already know who it is from by the profile pic and username!



I just like to put my signature on everything, it makes me feel professional! :3
~QueenFrozen139 (because my signature is special to me!)

And thanks for the welcome!


Welcome to the forum!!!! Also, my topic is in the pic!! (The potato weird one) lol


Wait..... Are you welcoming me?


No sorry I was welcoming frozenqueen!!


Lol and btw I'm QueenFrozen not FrozenQueen


Oh right lol!<87687687687


So sorry for the mess of numbers!


We're you trying to defeat the 20 character rule? If so, make sure to put only letters there! :blush:


Yeh thanks!