Help with tangent



can someone please help me with tangent and how to use it in games/projects


Hi @fishinwill welcome to the forum, here's a project that might help:
This one is by @IKeudin

And this by the hopscotch team!!! (Not the real one)

Tangent is basically like sin/cos (sorry if these didn't help you)


@FearlessPhoenix Sorry I am not good at tangent :stuck_out_tongue: honestly never used it before in Hopscotch.


I havent either. XD. But, your reaaaallly smart soooo I thought you'd be able to help.


@fishinwill @Dolphin_coders
Unfortunately, IKeudin's project is misleading. Tangent is not used for finding lengths in the way he showed. That was Pythagorean Theorm.

Tangent can be used for finding lengths of a right triangle from this though:
Tan (angle) = opposite / adjacent

I've seen some people make art/designs with tangent, but mostly in Hopscotch you're going to use inverse tangent (or arctan) to find the angle between 2 objects (i.e., point towards)
angle = arctan( opposite / adjacent)

Here's a couple examples of how to use it:

I haven't really used tangent that much, but I could imagine that it would be useful in 3D software.


Yes, trig Function are incredible helpful for creating 3D software in a 2D database. My dad created MacGolf before the 3D programming software was invented, he said he had to use a lot of trigonometry and Pythagorean Theorem to create the game


There is more info here too (that was previously hidden):


@t1_hopscotch Do you think we should move this one as well to the Sin/Cos help? Or the Tangent Tutorial one?


That's a great idea, I think the Tangent Tutorial topic had some other discussions on the Pythagorean theorem too so I am not sure about moving it to there hmm. If there are other tangent topics, I think it would be great to merge (taking a look, not sure if there are any specifically for tan :mag:)


a straight line or plane that touches a curve or curved surface at a point, but if extended does not cross it at that point.


Revive. If you think this is a useful resource, make sure to bookmark it :smiley:


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