Help with spoon + Sorry


First of all, sorry I haven't been active over the weekend because I was busy, however I have been working on a game every now and then. I need help with making a spoon using shapes. I think I already kinda got it figured out: When HANDLE is pressed:
Repeat Forever:
Set position to X: (HANDLE) x position, Y: (HANDLE) y position -10
The problems for this is it goes to a random spot:

Here's the code:

Sorry if you can't read type writing, it hard to write on an iPad! By the way, some of the stuff is blocked out because I don't want people stealing my ideas!
Do you now how I could fix this?


I don't think we can help without seeing the code :grinning:


I fixed it {space2020}


Good luck on your project!


Is anyone here?? Im need help please!!!


I thought you said you fixed it. :grimacing:


No I meant the post -


Oh! Whoops :sweat_smile: (Taking up space)


Try to do "When Play Button is Tapped" except for "When handle is Pressed" :grinning: