HELP With speed


Does anyone know what the default speed of an object is before you pull out a set speed block?



The default speed is 400.


Thank you so much, very helpful!


It's 400. Says so on a loading screen :smiley:


Yeah, like XMM and MR.GAM3R said, the default speed is 400!

For future reference, try holding down on a block! If you press (for roughly 2 seconds) on the speed block, it'll tell you the default speed for any object is 400. :D
Try pressing other blocks as well, there's some useful information in there! :D


You can actually know this by code!
1. Take a text object
2 when game starts
3. Set text to [text value speed] and just choose any color you Want!
I also do that! For example the width ! Just change the value to [ipad value width] and you'll get the text! At least that's what I do! The default speed is 400!


Thanks everyone. I hate it when you drag a block and it already says a number that isn't the default


BTW Bananadog I'm making a game similar to the real doodle jump. It's the space version. I've added you in the credits. Is it ok to continue? (I have not copied from you)

Here's a pic


That looks awesome! Nice job! :D
It's totally okay with me to continue, and thanks so much for giving credit. I really appreciate it! :D

If you ever need help, please tell me! :D


Awesome! I love your doodle jump!