Help! With saving my drafts?!?


That means that they are not available offline


Hi @AHappyCoder I had a lot too: 377 drafts uploading :sweat_smile:

What I did was upload a few of them one at a time. Then I uploaded all of them at once. Try that and if it doesn't work, maybe email the Hopscotch Team. If you log out and you haven't uploaded all your drafts, then the ones that weren't uploaded will be deleted


That means those drafts are in the server and you can download them onto your iPad. (The down arrow icon means download versus the up arrow which means upload)


I'm trying to get into your public account so I don't need to be able access them anywhere else...


How do I up load a few at a time?


You can upload a draft individually by pressing the up-arrow cloud icon on the project.


Some of my drafts don't have any kind of cloud icon...


If the drafts don't have any cloud icon, that means they're already uploaded to the server so they've been saved :smiley:


See you there! (Hopefully!)


But I logged out of my account and my drafts were in there


If you've logged out of an account and you've uploaded your drafts, then they'll be fine.


No I had that cloud button on them and they worked


377 drafts?! Wow, and I thought 45 was a lot. Well, I haven't been on a long time and I do delete drafts often.

Up arrow means upload to server, they won't save if you sign out without uploading them.

Down arrow means they are in the server, but haven't been downloaded to your iPad. You can't access them if you go offline until you go back online unless you download them. It resets every time you log out.


I did it without uploading them


I'm in! and I have put a comment on hopscotch town!


Were they still there when you logged back into your account? If they were, that's good then.


Yep that is what I always do


Same with me I had the bug where someone remixes or likes my projects it goes in my drafts (that bug is gone now) so now I have like 100000 drafts so what I did was I requested a delite all drafts,button


I was saving my drafts (I have a lot of drafts) and this message popped up

Please help because I want all my drafts but I can't get them because this message always pops up!


I had to upload my drafts about 3 times before it saved them all