Help! With saving my drafts?!?


For a collaboration between me and @Work_kids_coding I need to get into another account except I can't save my drafts it just say "getting everything set,hang tight" and it doesn't stop saying that, I even have a full wifi signal,please HELP!!!!!


Maybe try waiting for it a bit? When I was saving my drafts (over 300 of them :sweat_smile:) it still worked okay even though it took a while.


Thanks! But I tried yesterday and I waited for a few hours:grin:


@AHappyCoder send me screenshots

Ok let's fix it

I this what you want?



Ok? Send me your profile page


Here it is


How many drafts do you need to save


About 370 :dizzy_face: (I am really bad at deleting my drafts)


Uh oh you really have that much


Yes(that's really bad isn't it?)


Yes even my 30mb download speed cannot get that many done


Yesterday it did work...


Ok? So try it one more time and set a timer to 1 min


But not today:grin:and I had more drafts then...


It still doesn't work...


Ok so you cannot sign out of your account without them saved?


Cause they will stay there


Yep! But some of my drafts have a cloud with a down arrow icon.


So is it safe to log out?!?!?!