Help with repeat forever



I am making something but I want it to repeat ONCE after repeat forever. Here,:


Hi @Violetcupcake987 when you add a Repeat Forever block, it does literally mean repeat forever (or for however long you play the project :wink:)

So that means any block of code you put after the Repeat Forever block will not be run, because the Repeat Forever block will not stop running.

I think the best thing to do is you could put the Set Text block in a new rule. This is what Hopscotch says as a tip too:

Or you could replace the Repeat Forever block with just a Repeat block so that it only repeats for a number of times and then runs the next line of code.

It depends on what you want it to do :smiley:


Wait.. Oh yeah! It keeps repeating,repeating of course it wouldnt go to the next rule!
Thanks! @t1_hopscotch


No problem! :smiley: