Help with publishing


When I publish something, it publishes but know one can find it Help:disappointed_relieved:


What is your project name? I will try and find it otherwise it may be a problem with your network, the hopscotch network or something else.


Thank you. It is called Dimension X:episode 2


Hmm your right, I can't seem to find that project, even when I go into your profile. I'd best forward this over to hopscotch, if you can send them a email at

Hope you can get this fixed soon :smile:
- ColeDJ


It's alright I have figured out another way. Just make it again on another project. Thanks for the help anyway. P.S are you following me on hopscotch because you are really cool


Scratch that, it isn't working. I have just emailed hopscotch.


Does your project have a lot of code? If so, does it say that you aren't connected to the Internet or something like that when you publish?

Or it might be mistaking a word for an accidental bad word as well, that's happened before. Maybe have a check to see if all your text is okay? I'm sure there wouldn't be anything inappropriate but sometimes there might be an error.

Otherwise I'm not sure sorry :confused:


I can prove to you I made it