Help with projects: Debugging


We’ve all been there. You work super hard on something, and it doesn’t work. WHY?!?!

Time to bring in the bug squashers. We’re the crew that comes in, combs through your code, and finds the bugs preventing it from running smoothly.

Share your favorite tips for debugging here! If you need help debugging a specific project, ask your question in the Help with projects category.

We’re coming for you, bugs:

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Yep let's squash those nasty bugs!
Here's a tip with debugging too: read through every line of code step by step, and visualise what it does. This helps very often.


Maybe you can help me with things t1!


@MagmaBurst1 If you want help with your code, scroll up to the top of this thread (to my welcome message) and click +Reply as a linked Topic.

From here, start a new topic with a question about your code :slightly_smiling:


Here is something that I do to help get rid of value bugs:
If you have a variable(value) that you want to see the value of while running your game, create a new text that forever sets it's text to what the value is. Now you know what your value is changing to during your game. Hope this helps get rid of your value bugs!:wink:


Sometimes, I Do Notice That When You Have Too Much Content In A Project, It Lags, Glitches, And Brings You Back To The Homepage...:sob::sob::sob: But I Have A Suggestion That Might Just Work For You!!:tada::blush:If Able, You Can Add Content From Two Different Blocks, And Put It In One! That's Not Always The Case, Though:no_mouth:

Instead Of Doing That, And Making A Big Project To Go Along With It, Possibly Glitching, Put It In One Block!:yum:

Does It Look Much Different? It Is So Much Easier!!:kissing_heart:



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Hi @Liza! I Was Planning On Doing That!
Combining Two Rules Into One Is A Convenient Way To Save Space On Big Projects! For One Rule, The Coding Looks Like This:

For Sky:

For Grass:

And For The Codes Combined, The Coding Will Look Like This:

Hope This Helps!



I have found that if you are making a large scale game sometimes it can be hard to even bugtest because you sometimes die in your own game before you are able to test it! To solve this make a new value called "debug" or something like that and make it so that you are invincible in the game whenever debug is wet to 1. It makes it easier to test new features later in the game.


Thanks @Madi_Hopscotch_ that actually helped me fix my project!
A bug was right under my nose and i couldn't see it but thanks to your technique i saw it.
And again thank you so much!!


I made a project called diamond pad a while back but published it a few weeks ago. I had a bug because every single app in the project had a When the play button is tapped ______________ rule so it never worked! I was planning on doing some movie but that'll come out soon. (Hopefully?)


Here's a tip when your debugging use show preview so you don't have to leave the editor


1: great idea, I use this frequently, and 2: how do I wet debug to 1?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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