Help With Profile Pic!


I accidentally clicked the profile pic button, and changed it from Bear. I need help to know how to get my bear icon back without needing a membership.


I’m not sure how to change it back…


Ooh I’m not sure either…


If I’m not wrong, I think you can ask @t1_hopscotch to change it back for you.


I don’t think you can. The old character pfps aren’t available anymore. I’m sorry.


You can’t change it back.
I made the same mistake in 2015.


Sadly, there is no longer any way to change it back. I really think they should take th old characters back.


Ooh, I don’t know exactly


Some people have sent an e-mail to THT about it and they got their profile picture changed, but I don´t know if you still can do that.


Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way currently.

That really stinks, but there are many other good options for profile pics!

Maybe talk to t1.



tag T1