Help with pixel art👾



Someone help me I am wanting to make pixel art but I don't know how? Please help me learn the steps or the basics.


Ok I will!
What do you want to make?


I want to make a koala for you @KoalaKrazy because you are such a nice friend but I do t know how I wanted to make this for you like 2 weeks ago but I don't know how


Please reply @KoalaKrazy and @BaconStudios


@PrincessBunny1 How though I gave friends my password and they helped ( @Intellection74 and @AwesomeNachos ) xD


I don't know what you mean when you said how though



So, there are lots of steps.

First, grab a text.
Then, make these blocks happen:

|Draw a trail color: Grey Width: 5
|change X by 5
|change Y by 5
|change X by -5
|change Y by -5
|change X by 5
|change X by 5

That will make a grey pixel. If you put more grey pixels, then you can make a whole row of grey pixels! If you want, you can go to my profile and check out my Koala Generator project! :wink:


How about I give you my password for Hopscotch and you could help me make pixel art


I'm not sure. OTher people will look at this topic and then hack your account! Maybe? :no_mouth:


I just edited a old post and tagged the people in it


I will post it then like it so I know you looked at it and I will delete it


Hurry I have to gooXD


I I'll help in a bit


I will give the password okay


I won't troll or delete


How about you start the project, but nobody changes accounts. Then, I come along and remix that project to help you! :neutral_face:IDK


Yes!!! I like that idea let's that instead


Hi agree hurry go on Hopscotch


Brb I'll @ you guys when I'm done and back


@KoalaKrazy what is your username on Hopscotch