Help with Pixel Art?! ( Solved )


Okay before you start reading this let me make this clear, I already know how to make pixel arts.
So I'm having a little difficulty with my pixel art.. I'm creating a lion one but there appears to be a bug in the code???

This is my code for one piece:

The Value pixel is equal to 10

This all seems fine but when I click play only one pixel appears!!! The code says repeat twice......
Is there something wrong with the code or is this a bug???? I have refreshed my app and turned off my device

Thank You anyone who has helped, it has now been solved!!

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This happens to me sometimes. Put in move forward pixel + pixel and it works.


Do move forward pixel * 2
That works


Thanks I'll try that now...
Any idea why it didn't work in the first place??


I tried both these things but it hasn't worked...


K one minute I need to look at your code.


It didn't move forward enough.


Are you ding square or dot pixel art?


Just plain dot pixel art, not square..
@EnchantedHopscotcher Why would I turn by 90??


Here's a tag list of pixel art people:

Helper list:


Oh sorry I didn't see that XD


Thanks, although I think it might be a bug??


I did this code and it worked...

its the same as yours.
Have you verified what pixel equals?


Pixel definitely equals to 10 which is also the width of the pixel.


Yes, but have you added the 'Set value' block somewhere?


In another piece of the code....


Ok, then I'm doomed now...
Can you upload the project and get the link.
I want to play with some of the code.


I tried to move it forwards more but it still doesn't work....


Yeah sure, please don't mind the rest of the project.... :grimacing:
Here's the link!


Can you post a link please. It's much easier to see how the code works.
Also how long have you come?
Try to dublicate the project and see how it works.