Help with Pancakes!


Help with a project

I'm thinking of a new project but I need some help It's called pancake maker and I could use some help so like if @Madi_Hopscotch_ Could help that would be great if you have any type "Maker"experience please leave a comment below!


@Fifithefunnyflower Can I Help. I'll Charge My iPad. But First, Tell Me What You Like To Do When Its Done.

  • Publish The Project So You Can Remix It.
  • Give You Screenshots Of The Code To Create It Yourself.

But If I Succeed, Fail, Or Give Up, Then I Will Tell You How It Went.


OK what is your Hopscotch name?


HopscotchArt&Games {ON}. I'll Remind You When I'm Done. Cause Its Not Finished.


I Can Help As Well :slightly_smiling: My Account Is SniffelingRavioli1