Help With New Game!



I searched before I posted and did not find anything.

So, I am making a new game that involves point towards code. I already have the point towards code, but I need three objects to point towards and go to the finger. Could anyone help?

Click me because I am a link

The problem is the boat. If you tap play and then drag your finger around the screen, that is the problem.

If anyone could help, that would be wonderful!


I am on a computer but when I click the link it has that the project hasn't uploaded yet. Did you unpublish it?


Use sin and cos for those parts (for where they are)!
The triangle in the back should be - in the number areas, as it's in the opposite side of the other one!
Here's a link to the project with that code:
Btw, since it's hard typing on a phone, I'm going to explain the things you're confused on when you ask instead of putting it all here!



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Can anyone help me with this?:

I can't figure out how to make the star disappear if the triangle on the boat touches it, but if it doesn't touch it, not disappear until a designated time.

P.S. did anyone know this emoji wasn't nervous but was happier than all the other emojis?!: :grin:

should I really trust a YouTube video lol


I was about to help you since I knew how to, but then I realize I already had :P